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【Bundle of 6】Ujuwon TruNight N'zyme 30s x 6
  • SKU: P-UJW-HF-001 x 6

【Bundle of 6】Ujuwon TruNight N'zyme 30s x 6

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 A clean and safe dietary solution that helps you sleep better and boost a healthy digestive system with a multi-blend enzyme from USA.
【Contents】 30s/Bottle
【Main Functions】  Improves Quality of sleep,Boost Metabolism,Enhance Bowel Movement,Promotes Gut Health
【Direction to use】  Chew 1 tablet before Bedtime
【Storage Method】 Please store in a cool, dry place away from moisture 
【Shelf Life】 3 years
【Cautions】 1. After opening, please keep it sealed and put it in a cool and dry place and avoid direct sunlight.
2. Pregnant women, people taking medicines or other diseases, please consult the doctor (pharmacist) for advice before consumption.
3. To maintain the freshness of the product after opening,it is recommended to consume it within 15 minutes.
4. Not recommended for infants, children, pregnant women,and people with fungal allergies.
5. This product contains milk, soy, mango, sesame, kiwi,nuts, gluten grains and their products, and it is not suitable for people with allergies.
6. Children under three years of age are not allowed to use,please place it where it is not available.