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Mirae Facial Sonic Cleansing Device + CICA+ Cushion Cream 30ml
  • SKU: P-MR-FB-003 + P-MR-CH-001

Mirae Facial Sonic Cleansing Device + CICA+ Cushion Cream 30ml

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 Mirae Facial Sonic Cleansing Device
[Material] ABS, Silicone
[Specification] L67mm*W67mm*H58.3mm
[Nett Weight] 160g
[Power Supply] USB cable charging (included)
[Product Functions] Cleansing, Ultrasonic Vibration Massage, 3 Levels Light SPA, Portable, Fully Waterproof
[Application Areas] Face and neck
[Cautions] 1. This product is fully waterproof, it is safe to wash with water.
2. Please do not immerse it in water for a long period of time.
3. Please do not use it if you have swelling, surgery, sunburn, or other skin conditions.
4. Do not use it with granular facial cleanser and exfoliating products.
5. Avoid direct contact of brush head on eyeball area, do not use it on the same area of skin for too long.
6. Please do not leave the item unattended while it is operating.
7. If the silicone is broken, please stop using it.
8. Due to personal hygiene, please avoid sharing the product with others.
9. Do no use it while charging.
10. Do not disassemble this product. (Facial Sonic Cleansing Device is a personal hygiene product, no return will be allowed for used products).


MIRAE CICA+ Cushion Cream 30ml
[Contents] 30ml
[Main Functions] Sun protection, brighten skin tone, prevent UV damage. An air cushion cream that is more natural than foundation, giving skin a light, powder-free feel.
[Main Ingredients] Centella Asiatica Extract, Seaweed Extract, Italian Natural Olive Leaf Extract, Arbutin, Whitening Nine Capsules, Hydrating Hyaluronic Acid
[Suitable Skin Type] All Skin Types
[Direction to use] Apply after skincare routine, pump an appropriate amount and gently pat across your face and neck or where needed with a thin and even layer.
[Origin] Taiwan
[Shelf time] 3 years

1. For external use only, please use it as soon as possible after opening to ensure the best quality.
2. Avoid the eyes. If you accidentally come in contact with the eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water.
3. For those with sensitive skin, please do a local skin test (under the ear and neck) before use, and test before using without irritation.
4. Do not apply this product to wounds, swellings and abnormal skin areas. If you have allergies or discomfort due to your constitution after use, please suspend use and consult a professional physician.
5. Do not use in children under three years old and out of reach of young children.